Apigility RPC for IBM i DB2

Apigility Setup This example assumes a setup similar to the one described in Installing and Using Apigility on IBM i. The example repository can be found on github. Create New RPC Create a new RPC through the Apigility Admin Interface like normal. This will generate a Factory and Controller for the RPC service. Once that…

How to Add Filtering to Apigility

Setting Up Apigility This guide will be using the same project setup during my Apigility Entity & Mapper Tips article. The related github repo has been updated with the new source in this article. Create a Filters Class I found the best way to stay organized was to create a type of Helper Class called <ServiceName>Filters….

Apigility Entity & Mapper Tips

Create a Simple Schema and Table To get us started, we’ll need a source of data for our service. I’m going to use IBM i DB2 for this example, since that is primarily what I work on. Below is SQL to define a simple table and populate it with some data.

If all ran…

Apigility with OAuth2 on IBM i

Create the OAuth tables in DB2 These tables are created according to specifications from Zend Framework OAuth2.

Configure Apigility It is important to note that it is best practice to create this Authentication through the Apigility admin, then edit what is generated.

Test That’s it! It’s that simple to get basic OAuth2…

Installing and Using Apigility on IBM i

Install Apigility I find the easiest way to accomplish this on the IBM i is to use PHP itself on command line:

After this is ran, Apigility will try to serve itself up. While it is successful in doing so, I have not been able to visit Apigility without errors when it is running…