SoBored delivers informational, user-friendly websites with speed. There’s no need to worry about what to do after the website has launched. We will handle all hosting needs and will work alongside you after the website has launched.

Do you plan on integrating with other systems in the future? Your Point of Sales? Your Customer Relationship Manager, book keeping, emails, and other software? Josh Hall, the head of SoBored, has experience working with enterprise software and integrating applications for both small businesses and large corporations. His passion is to deliver software that connects systems, gets rid of barriers, and most of all: software that delivers value and alleviates tedious work.

Only need simple, quick consultation for your current website, hosting solution, development environment, server, or anything in between? SoBored would be happy to provide services of value where possible.

Looking for consulting for the IBM i platform? Need training and mentoring for your web developers? Check out Seiden Group, where Josh works as a consultant. Seiden Group is on the front line of Open Source on IBM i and has a team of very capable consultants with many connections.