💻 The Company 💻

SoBo.Red was created by Yeshua (Joshua) Hall in 2015 and incorporated in 2017. Yeshua has always had a craving to correct the problems they see around them, and SoBo.Red was founded as a conduit for them to conduct business while correcting these problems.

With that foundation-and-mission still in mind, SoBo.Red focuses on being blog-first. Yeshua also provides Career Coaching & Consultation to Tech Professionals, especially those in the IBM i industry. For clarity: IBM i was formerly known as AS/400, iSeries, and many other names throughout history. IBM is weird with their naming. One may only shrug and move on.

Why the name SoBo.Red? The name actually started as Bo-Red, and eventually evolved into a heteronym, pronounced two different ways. Joshua asked their great-grandmother, Nell Roebuck, what the business should be called, and she replied: “Bo-Red, pronounced bō-red; to name it after your great-grandfather’s business.”

The business was named after Red Roebuck (Joshua’s great-grandfather) and his business partner, Bo. They did just about anything that would help their customers, which fit Yeshua’s values for their business. This name soon evolved into Bored and then SoBored (main: SoBo.Red).

🐺🧘 Meet the Team 🧘‍♀🐶

Yeshua Hall
Career Coach, Mentor, Consultant, & Community Steward

Yeshua Hall is a Senior Solutions [Architect | Steward | Monk] @ Zend by Perforce. Yeshua is passionate about the Free Software & Open Source movements; especially their inherent political nature, as well as their values of altruism-and-openness for the benefit of society.

They were named an IBM Fresh Face by IBM Systems Magazine in 2018 for their work with Open Source on IBM i. In 2019, Yeshua was awarded the title IBM Champion. Ever since, they strive to repeat these accolades and more.

Their passion to spread Open Source awareness has driven them to speak at conferences; such as WMCPA, IBM Think, RPG & DB2 Summit, IBM COMMON, IBM POWERUp, and others.

As a Career Coach, Consultant, & Community Steward; Yeshua gives their customers gentle-and-expert advice-and-guidance as well as mentoring & training.

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Andrea Hall
Managing Director

Andrea handles all the odds-and-ends of SoBo-Red while also steering the direction of the company. From task organization in project stewardship, to keeping up with customer relations; she handles it all with professionalism and with the focus of understanding customer needs.

As an avid homesteader; Andrea farms, takes care of livestock, and creates wonderful products from the fruits of her labor.

She happily rescues opossums, raises Nigerian Dwarf goats, hangs out with chickens, has too-many dogs & cats, and is proud of her Livestock Guardian Dogs: Mantis, Grasshopper (Hopper), and Cicada.

Nature and plants are important in her life. There's an ebb-and-flow to natural energy, and Andrea enjoys tapping into that by regularly relaxing in nature.

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Edgar Hall
Barketing Director

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Gideon Hall

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