About SoBored

SoBored was created by Josh Hall in 2015 and was incorporated in 2017. Josh has always had a craving to correct the problems he sees around him, and SoBored was founded as a way for him to conduct business while correcting these problems. With that principle still in mind, SoBored may do business in many areas, but focuses on web and general software development.

Why the name SoBored? The name actually started as Bo-Red, and eventually evolved into a heteronym, pronounced two different ways. Josh asked his great grandmother what the business should be called, and she suggested to name it after his great grandfather’s business, Bo-Red, pronounced bō-red. The business was named after his great grandfather, Red and his business partner, Bo. They did just about anything that would help their clients, which fit Josh’s values for his business. This name soon evolved into Bored and then SoBored.

Meet the Team

Josh Hall

Josh is a software developer who’s passionate about Open Source Software. He was named an IBM Fresh Face by IBM Systems Magazine in 2018 for his work with Open Source on IBM i. In 2019, Josh was awarded the title IBM Champion. His passion to spread Open Source awareness has driven him to speak at conferences such as IBM Think, RPG & DB2 Summit, IBM COMMON, IBM POWERUp, and others. He also co-hosts IBM Bi-Weekly, a podcast focused on the technical aspects of the IBM i operating system and the community revolving around it. You can find all his presentations, labs, and workshops here. As a consultant, Josh gives his customers expert advice and training while also providing any software development they may need.

Andrea Hall
Managing Director

Andrea handles all the odds and ends of SoBored while also steering the direction of the company. From task organization in project management to keeping up with customer relations, she handles it all. As an avid homesteader, Andrea takes care of livestock, farms, and creates wonderful products from the fruits of her labor. 

Edgar Bunderson
Barketing Director
Gideon Hall