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✍ Introduction ✍

For this portion, we’ll drop the SoBo.Red persona. Yeshua is the career coach and consultant behind the SoBo.Red brand. Gideon, their wonderful support animal, is the logo-and-mascot. With that out of the way, let’s get to the topic at hand; career coaching.

🍖 The Meat 🥩

Yeshua decided to pivot into career coaching in early 2022 due to what they were witnessing in the industry: arrogance, gate-keepers, heretics of open source, the bastardization of the free & open source software movements & their mindset; their inherently political nature therein; and a general disdain for new talent from those ready-to-retire.

🧘 It’s Okay 🧘‍♀️

All this could sound like the end-of-times, but Yeshua believes there’s nothing particularly wrong here. There is no-one-issue and therefore no-one-solution. This is the way of the world, and the Software Industry is still young. The majority of mentors have yet to humble themselves, but we’re getting there.

While Yeshua focuses on their fulfilling-and-wonderful career-and-job as Senior Solutions Architect & Community Steward @ Zend by Perforce; they also see a need for more persons that help to usher in new talent and help that talent bloom. They have time for this, and so they do.

📝 Contact Us 📝

Please, merely reach out for more information if one is interested. Yeshua doth-not-bite; they merely observe, listen, write, and speak.