Need consulting? SoBored can help.

If any of the consulting services below interest you, please reach out.

Development Environment Consultation

Josh has experience working with a myriad of operating systems and software. Whether your developers are using Windows, Linux, or Mac, SoBored can help mold an efficient development environment for your team. Have an IBM i as your business server? No problem. Josh is an IBM Champion and can help create a familiar development environment for modern developers. Consult SoBored to give your developers a friendlier, more efficient development environment.

Example Development Environment Consultation Offerings:

  • Programming Language Choice
  • IDE & Editor
  • Source Version Control
  • Continuous Integration

Troubleshooting Consultation

Have your developers been spinning their wheels on an unusual issue? We can help. Josh is a full stack developer that has experience with database design and administration, server configuration, system administration, and much more. With a bird’s-eye view of the environment and issue, he can help with troubleshooting. Next time you run into a mysterious issue, please reach out, and we’ll help troubleshoot it in a timely manner.


Already have a strong and capable development team, and they’re interested in modern techniques? We can train them on modern PHP standards, Node.js, and Python. We can even simultaneously develop a modern application with well documented, clean code while training your development team every step of the way. Before starting your next project, contact us to see if training might be a good idea before building technical debt.

Example Training Offerings:

  • IDE & Editor
  • Git, GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab
  • Jenkins
  • PHP, Node.js, Python
  • Documentation Writing