IBM i Dotfiles CLI RPM & SoBored RPM Repo

Due to community feedback about the install process and usage of my IBM i Dotfiles, I have decided to create a command line interface (CLI) and an RPM to install the aforementioned CLI. Welcome the IBM i CLI RPM and SoBored RPM Repo.

This was also an experiment for myself to learn how to build RPMs and host an RPM repo. I have a feeling that I’ll be adding more RPMs over time.

Adding SoBored RPM Repo to yum

Adding the SoBored RPM Repo to yum is fairly simple. You just need to add a text file with a few lines of configuration.

Using your favorite text editor, create the file /QOpenSys/etc/yum/repos.d/sobored.repo with these contents:

SoBored Repo Config
SoBored Repo Config

Just to be safe, make sure you clean your metadata afterward.

yum clean metadata

Installing IBM i Dotfiles CLI

Now that you have access to the SoBored RPM Repo, installing the IBM i Dotfiles CLI as easy as running:

yum install ibmi-dotfiles
Yum Install IBM i Dotfiles
Yum Install IBM i Dotfiles

Using IBM i Dotfiles CLI

The CLI currently only has two options: --help and --install-path. The plan is to add more soon and to have a verbose CLI by version 1.0.

Note: -h|--help means to use either -h or --help-h is shorthand for --help. Same goes for the rest.

IBM i Dotfiles Help Prompt

ibmi-dotfiles -h|--help
IBM i Dotfiles Help
IBM i Dotfiles Help

Copy IBM i Dotfiles to current user’s home directory.

The install path defaults to the current user’s home directory, so you can just run the CLI without any options to achieve this.

IBM i Dotfiles Install
IBM i Dotfiles Install

Copy IBM i Dotfiles to specific directory.

Please use the full path here. Relative paths are untested.

ibmi-dotfiles --install-path /desired/path/to/install
IBM i Dotfiles Install with Path
IBM i Dotfiles Install with Path

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