IBM i Open Source has surged since the advent of yum being added to the platform. Node.js, Python, Nginx, and many other technologies are available by typing just a few words on a command line, or clicking a button in Access Client Solutions. What can one do to take advantage of all these new Open Source technologies? SoBored can assist. If any of the services below interest you, please reach out.

IBM i Open Source Services

Project Planning & Consulting

IBM i Open Source can be a bit daunting at first, especially with so many choices. With over a decade of open source experience, Josh has dealt with most of these technologies, and can help better understand which will be the best solution for the project. Even though everyone is adopting Node.js rapidly, it may not be the best choice for your certain project. These technologies are not a one stop shop like RPG, and some are better suited for certain tasks than others. Let SoBored help plan your next project, and you won’t regret it later when everything is running smoothly.


Maybe that capable team of yours already knows all about IBM i Open Source, but they’re still too swamped to take on all the tasks necessary and deliver on time. Josh has plenty of experience helping companies flex by joining in and ramping up the development. Your team can stay focused while Josh takes on the work they cannot get to.

Could be that you would just like a simple example project built on these new IBM i OSS technologies. A project your team can look to for best practices; a project with well documented, clean code. Whatever your reason, SoBored is here to help with any of your development needs.

IBM i OSS Mentoring

Chances are that you already have a very capable team of developers. They’re probably just too swamped with work to sift through all of Google to learn these new IBM i OSS technologies. SoBored can help mentor your team, saving them countless hours of online research. Want to learn about Git, Node.js, PHP, Python, BASH, and much more? We’re here to help.