If you’re looking for web application development, look no further. SoBored has completed projects for hospitals, insurance companies, healthcare systems, ERPs, warehouse systems, and many more. From secure intranet applications to simple, informative websites, SoBored has delivered them all. If any of our services below sound appealing, please contact us for more detail.

Integration Development

Do you have business software that seems isolated and a pain to keep synchronized? Maybe you have a Point of Sales and a Customer Relationship Management system that you spend hours on each weekend to keep them in line with one another. Maybe you get work request emails to a certain email address, and you just wish those would automatically be added to your task manager, but you still spend countless hours manually entering that information into your system. Have you ever spent your whole working day entering data from one system to another? SoBored can help you integrate systems, so that you can automate tasks and alleviate these simple tasks that are so tedious. Please contact us for any of your integration development needs.

Informative Website Development

Restaurants, retail stores, and most brands need an informative website. This website needs to represent their brand well while staying current and attracting customers. We’re happy to develop and deliver representative websites to our clients, and that’s why we form a strong bond in order to do so. SoBored will make sure your website is successful while also delivering any integrations you may need. You could want a simple, single page retail website today, but also want to integrate the website with your Point of Sales, Inventory, and other software to deliver an e-commerce website six months from now. SoBored will help you with all of it. Please reach out if this interests you, and we can have a website up and running quickly.

Intranet Solutions

Companies are recognizing the versatility of using their intranet to deliver rich web applications to their employees rather than the restriction of a desktop application. With an internal web application, employees can use virtually any operating system and device to access vital business tools. Instead of requiring employees to be on their Windows PC to perform their work, they can now work from anywhere on any device thanks to the web application served from the secure business intranet.

If you want an intranet web application for your business, SoBored can help deliver quality to your business and employees. Contact SoBored next time you need intranet development services.